Christian Living

Part 4 Help my unbelief

Mark 9:14 - 28 Peter, James, John, and Jesus are returning from an incredible time of prayer up a mountainside.   As they walk back into the village, they see a crowd gathered.  The angry gestures from familiar figures show that the rest of the disciples and some Pharisees are arguing.   And you know Jesus (the… Continue reading Part 4 Help my unbelief

Christian Living, Living deliberately

Part 2 Are you willing?

Matthew 8:1 – 4 Matthew remembers it well.  Jesus had just finished the Sermon on the Mount and was headed into Capernaum.  Probably not a long walk but an eventful one all the same.  Along that dusty trail sat a man living out a death sentence.  This story is recounted in three of the Gospels… Continue reading Part 2 Are you willing?