Small Business

So many people I meet have an idea or a dream of owning or growing their small business.  Sadly, most don’t pursue their dreams.  Prehaps they are confused as to the best path, after all you wouldn’t want to spend a bunch of time and energy only to discover it was in the wrong direction.  Maybe they were scared of the changes it would bring to their already precariously balanced life.  Could be that they are worried that this endeavor won’t result in the happiness or fulfillment they desire.

These are all real delemas but they are not unconquerable.  With careful thought and deliberate action, building or growing a business can be an incredible adventure.  Many of my clients report that the satisfaction they were seeking came through the journey and not only at the culmination.

While it is true that all endeavors bring change.  Having a seasoned coach that has built and grown small businesses brings a source or comfort while weathering the storms.  An accountability partner that encourages during those moments of doubt (and they will come) while also celebrating the milestones is what a coach brings to the table.

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