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Part 4 Help my unbelief

Mark 9:14 - 28 Peter, James, John, and Jesus are returning from an incredible time of prayer up a mountainside.   As they walk back into the village, they see a crowd gathered.  The angry gestures from familiar figures show that the rest of the disciples and some Pharisees are arguing.   And you know Jesus (the… Continue reading Part 4 Help my unbelief

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Part 2 Are you willing?

Matthew 8:1 – 4 Matthew remembers it well.  Jesus had just finished the Sermon on the Mount and was headed into Capernaum.  Probably not a long walk but an eventful one all the same.  Along that dusty trail sat a man living out a death sentence.  This story is recounted in three of the Gospels… Continue reading Part 2 Are you willing?

Christian Living

One on one with Jesus Part 1

I often hear someone say, “when I get to heaven I’m asking Jesus about…”  And I always think “no… no you won’t”.  Every person who met an Angel in the Bible fell to their knees and that’s from meeting a creature who was in the presence of God.  If second hand glory does that, you… Continue reading One on one with Jesus Part 1

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Pink clouds and gloomy days

I absolutely love living in Colorado.  I love the marked change of each season, the weather and the people here.  But recently we have been in a rather strange weather pattern for summer.  Cool temps and gloomy skies have replaced our normal sundrenched, warm (but not too hot) days and cool, pleasant evenings.    It’s not… Continue reading Pink clouds and gloomy days

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Show Up; Be Honest

Recently I found myself in court with a client.  As we walked in, those words were written on the wall behind the judge.  His case was one of many that were to be decided today so I had the opportunity to reflect on those words as we waited. To show up implies that I am… Continue reading Show Up; Be Honest

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The kettle or the Cross

All humans have, at the core of our being, a collection of values that guide our behaviors, actions and words.    These values may have come from a variety of sources (society, church, family friends) but we have chosen a select few for a place of prominence to help guide our navigation of life.   Now not… Continue reading The kettle or the Cross