Living deliberately

Life skills you learned in grade school and need to be using today Part 5

Pledge and Prayer – Start your day off right  pledge 1

Every school day started the same.  The bell would ring announcing the start of another day.  Shortly after that the PA system would crackle to life and the Principal would ask everyone to stand and face the flag.  Then a student would lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Principal would then ask everyone to bow their heads for a moment of prayer.  After a bit, the Principal would encourage us to have a “Bulldog” day!  Faithfully we started every day this way regardless of whether it was an easy day or one of “those” days.   I might be looking at a substitute or multiple tests it didn’t matter, everyday started the same.

For the longest time I forgot this critical piece of my day.  I would jump out of bed, having milked the snooze button for all it was worth.  I would rush headlong into my day without a pledge; without a prayer.   And life became all too quickly unmanageable.  Overcome by all the “things” I thought I had to accomplish I was constantly frustrated by my life.  It seemed I was always tired but never accomplishing anything of note.  I simply dropped into bed exhausted each night but unable to sleep with all the undone things running through my head.  Soon it was pills and later them and a “nightcap” to go down; energy drinks and coffee to get up.  None of which helped me accomplish more and, in fact, led to life becoming even more unmanageable.  Then it all came undone.

pledge 2

Shortly after I became sober, a mentor shared with me this secret and it brought me back to Langham Elementary.  Start your day off with prayer and an affirmation.  Desperate to not repeat my former life, I gave it a try and the results have been nothing short of miraculous!

I changed up my affirmations until I met Kirk Samuels.  Kirk has an incredible pornography recovery ministry and part of his program is having each man recite the below each morning.  I haven’t changed affirmations since.  Check out the rest of his stuff at   Save and print the below, placing it on the bathroom mirror or fridge.  Say them out loud each morning.  It helps frame the mind just as the Pledge so long ago did.               pledge 3

Always start your day off with prayer.  No matter whether it is an easy or hard day, start it off the same.  Have a morning quiet time that includes prayer.  Ask for guidance and wisdom for the day ahead.  It always reminds me of my prayers back in school “OK Lord we both know I suck at math but help me remember what I studied last night”.  Being mindful of God’s presence helps frame your mind around all the “things” that need to get done.  I am always amazed at how He works through those tasks, removing the extraneous and adding more meaningful ones.  This time of prayer helps me focus on God which helps take the focus off me.  It needn’t take long, just a few minutes each day will go a long way toward keeping you in the right frame of mind.  Print off the affirmations and plan a time for prayer for the next seven days and see if it doesn’t provide peace and clarity.

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