Pray for Texas

My plan was to write the final installment on my series of things you learned in grade school and need to be doing today.  But I can’t.  See I’m from a little town in East Texas called Nederland.  It’s situated between the cities of Beaumont and Port Arthur, about 90 miles east of Houston.  Growing up we would have one field trip a year to Houston, normally to visit the space center or perhaps the zoo.  My family went to Astroworld during the summers and occasionally to the galleria at Christmas time to see all the beautiful holiday displays.  I obtained my undergraduate degree in Beaumont and met my wife there.  We were married in Houston near where her parents lived at the time.  Beaumont and Houston have a special place in my heart.  It’s home to me.

My wife and I took our granddaughters camping this weekend with a group from church.  It was the perfect Colorado weekend to do it.  Sunny skies, temps in the mid 80’s and those gorgeous sunsets with a cool evening to follow.   And there we were glued to our phones as Harvey seemingly came from nowhere and grew into this monster.  The in- laws along with most of Chandell’s family now live in Corpus Christi.  They had the foresight to leave prior to land fall and were spared damage to their homes.  Then the storm began a painfully slow meander up the coast in Texas.  Familiar landmarks flooded filled my Facebook feed.   Friends gave updates on their and their parent’s homes.  Homes I used to play at, ate at, spent the night at.

In the midst of all the updates has been the constant request for prayer.  Let me ask that you all stop right now and pray for all those along the Texas and Louisiana coast.  Don’t just do a quick “help them Lord” and go about your business. PRAY!!  It’s not the least you can do, it’s all that we can do.  The Salvation Army is collecting funds, and please donate toward their efforts which will be needed in the coming days.  But right now what those folks need is constant prayer.  God promised King Solomon in II Chronicles 7:14 that “if my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray….”  Don’t get me wrong the National Guard, Salvation Army, Cajun Navy and the like are helping but we as God’s children need to quit believing that “we got this” and humble ourselves to the point of asking for Divine assistance.  And then we need to pray.  Maybe like never before.  Pray without ceasing for those who are affected.

If my life has taught me anything, it has been that God can work ALL things out for our good, if I place my trust in Him.  I had royally screwed up my life; but once I turned to Him, He made everything not just good but exceedingly abundantly good!

May this time of prayer be only the beginning; for there is much healing needed in our land.  May God use this time of distress to shake His church onto their knees.  May He show us that we need to remain humble; seeking Him all the time.  May God begin the healing of our land with my prayers tonight for all my friends whose world has been turned upside down.  I am lifting you up and am encouraging everyone who reads this to do the same.  May this moment of tragedy become the start of a powerful revival and may it sweep our nation.  Let’s come together at the Throne of the Most High God, only He has the power to heal.

pray 4

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