Welcome to Aimpoint!  I have specialized in both addiction recovery and small business growth for the past seven years.  My goal is simple:  I want you to be happy, healthy and whole.  My method is also simple:

  • We will work to set SMART goals.
  • We will develop the steps that will take us there.
  • We will then walk through these steps until the goals are realized.
  • Lastly we celebrate and start setting new goals.

The first session is always free!  Let’s make sure we will make a good team first.  Depending on your goals, we may be working on them for a year.  So we need to make sure we are suitable.  If we aren’t then I will help you find a coach who is a better fit.

Give me a call at 720-298-7655 to set up our first session.  What have you got to lose?

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Thom and Aimpoint Coaching do a *fantastic* job of learning what your business needs to succeed. He can help you drill down and discover what the action steps are you need to take to reach this success. I can’t recommend him enough, if you want your business to get to where it needs to be.

By: Matt Curry of Chef Curry’s Cuisine

An amazing life coach who’s only agenda is to serve. Thanks for all you do, Thom Straley!

B. Laney